Aruba Vacations in 2023:
What to Expect

Another year has passed, but a new one is coming that is full of opportunities! Have you already chosen Aruba as your next destination to vacation or live in 2023? Here, we will provide you with information of interest to help you plan your visit. But wait, Aruba is also perfect for retirement! We told you about this in our latest update. If you still need to read it, click the button below.

New Airlines Flying to Aruba

Several airlines have direct flights to Aruba, such as Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and many others, but this year, new routes were added for flights traveling to One Happy Island. These are the new routes you can take to Aruba:

Airline Airline Airline
British Airways London Gatwick Airport Twice per week
Frontier Airlines Miami International Airport Once per week
Arajet Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Twice per week
Wingo José María Córdova Airport, Medellín Twice per week

Aruba is one of the best destinations to enjoy your vacation or long stay, as the island continues to be one of the main tourist destinations in the world. That’s why, recently, Queen Beatrix International Airport (Aruba Airport) received Green Globe certification for being the first airport in the world to meet international sustainability criteria. In addition to visiting a Caribbean jewel, you will also visit a location committed to conserving the planet and its natural wonders.

Every year, there are more opportunities for you to enjoy Aruba. We would like to remind you of the importance of booking in advance so you don’t miss out on this wonder of the Caribbean, especially on important dates like Carnival.

Aruba’s News for 2023

This year, Aruba has passed the recovery phase of its tourism rebound, with historical records being broken. The number of visitors to the island has increased during 2022, even exceeding the number of visitors in 2019. It is expected that this number will continue to grow by 2023, and Aruba has made the appropriate preparations. Ronella Croes, CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority, recently said that tourism authorities on the island are focusing on two things: wellness and creating “Aruba Signature Experiences.”

As part of the wellness goal, 30 miles of mountain bike trails are being developed in a rugged area on the northern side of the island. Aruba Signature Experiences, on the other hand, works to highlight the tourism proposals of local entrepreneurs and assist them in providing unique experiences to tourists.

Main Events in Aruba for 2023

As always, the island has plenty of activities and events to enjoy. These are some of the main events that you cannot miss on your vacation in Aruba:

● Aruba Torch Parade: Jan 07
● Aruba Carnival Season: From Feb 01 to Feb 28
● Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival 2023: May 24
● Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival 2023 ● Accommodation: May 25
● KLM Aruba Marathon: Jun 03
● “One Happy Island” Aruba Getaway:
    From July 27 to July 31
● Rob Jackson Cruise 2023 (Aruba Edition): Aug 04

The Aruba Carnival is the most important event that you cannot miss on the island. In February, visitors will be able to enjoy the principal events of this picturesque celebration that begins in November.

BlueAruba Realty News for 2023

As we mentioned in our last update, our newest listing at BlueAruba Realty is Nanki at Rodgers Beach Aruba, an apartment complex with a beautiful, luxurious, and eco-friendly environment.

In Rodgers Beach, there are 40 available condominiums (maybe less), so hurry to acquire your property now.

2023 will be an excellent year to invest in your future. So, if you want to know more about these properties in development, visit Nanki at Rodgers Beach Aruba’s website by clicking the button below.

Of course, at BlueAruba Realty, we continue to bet on the economic and tourist development of Aruba. We also have real estate projects that will be available in the coming months for investors inside and outside of the island to join the experience of living in Aruba. One such project is Porta Al Sole, a luxury condominium with 20 townhomes located in the upscale neighborhood of Noord.

As this property has all the potential to become one of the most sought-after spots on the island, don’t delay and reserve your unit as soon as possible. There are only a limited number of units left! The clock is ticking!

As you can see, Aruba has a lot to offer in 2023 and we can’t wait to welcome you and your family to enjoy a vacation or long stay! To keep learning about each ongoing project that we will have at BlueAruba Realty, remember to keep up with our updates. We will be waiting for you!

– Aruba –
Your Safest Spot in the Caribbean:
Strong Healthcare System

Before you travel or move to another country, you should know how the healthcare system works there. Aruba has one of the strongest healthcare systems in the Caribbean for both locals and foreigners. If you experience an emergency while on your vacation, you can rest assured that the island’s medical centers and state-of-the-art hospital will take care of it immediately. Additionally, many resorts, hotels, and residences offer facilities for the disabled, while organizations provide (beach) wheelchairs, crutches, concentrators, scooters, and potties for those who require them.

Aruba has both private and public healthcare. In addition, the staff of some medical centers speak various languages, ​​such as English, German, Spanish, and French, to communicate with foreign patients. Today, travelers to Aruba are no longer required to purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance, which is now optional. However, all travelers will still be required to complete Aruba’s Embarkation/Disembarkation Card (ED Card) before arrival, which is part of the country’s digitized customs and immigration process.

It is important to remember that not all insurance is accepted in Aruba. So, you might have to pay in cash or with a credit card. Please contact your insurance company to find out about their coverage policy in Aruba. In case of emergency, there is a pharmacy in each district that is open 24 hours on a rotating basis. You should find this information at your nearest pharmacy.

List of Health Services in Aruba

Remember to always carry your current identification document, international health insurance information, and any other medical information that may be required by Aruba health services. In Aruba, the most important thing is to ensure your safety and provide you with the most exciting adventure of your life. One Happy Island is your safe getaway in the Caribbean!

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