Advantages of living on the One Happy Island

High-quality of life

The first thing to check out, when you’re in search of a Caribbean home for sale in Aruba, is the social background and the quality of the services provided. Aruba, as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, offers you political stability and a legal system that guarantees your rights.

Aruba’s health and education systems are renowned for being of the highest quality, which makes the island perfect to start a new life and raise a family. Essential services are also granted. You’ll be glad to know that pipe water is drinkable on the island, one less thing to worry about. And the best internet in the Caribbean is yours if you decide to work from your dream destination.

Also, Aruba has minimum levels of poverty and unemployment, and a significantly low crime rate, you’ll feel secure and safe all the time.

Lifestyle for all ages and tastes

You’ll never get bored after finding the perfect Caribbean home for sale in Aruba with us. This enchanting island offers activities for all ages and tastes.

If you’re out there eager for adventure, you can practice water sports on the beautiful beaches of Aruba. Snorkeling, paddling board, surfing, kayaking are just a few of all the extreme sports that thrill-seekers enjoy on the One Happy Island.

What if you had a hard day and need relaxation? A walk by the seashore, a yoga session, or a visit to any of the many spas that you can find all around Aruba will set your nerves and give you the peace of mind that you need to boost your creativity and keep healthy.

If your thing is the cosmopolitan lifestyle, malls all around the island have fancy shops of renowned brands for your enjoyment. Design clothes, luxurious jewelry, modern decoration, handicrafts, and all you love are at your fingertips in Aruba. Let’s not forget the exciting nightlife of the island! Casinos and nightclubs welcome you with open arms to give you the most memorable experiences.

Foodies also find their place in Aruba. Restaurants are on every corner to offer you the best of the local and international flavors. You won’t know what dish to try first! But for sure, you’ll love the delicious flavors of the Caribbean.

Last but not least, you’ll love living the rich culture of Aruba. Museums show you the cultural wealth of the islanders, and the traditional celebrations allow you to live it first hand. Spoiler alert! You’ll love to spend the Carnivals and holiday season on the island.

Best natural attractions to visit

It’s well-known that Aruba has the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and the world. Whitesands and pristine clear waters await you in this tropical paradise. But Aruba is more than beaches. Caves, rocky views, and lava formations are part of the attractions of Arikok National Park. 

Let’s not forget the natural life on the island. You’ll see, for the first time, beautiful creatures and vegetation that you’ve never imagined before. Also, you’ll find farms that allow you to interact with local fauna: butterflies, donkeys, flamingoes, and more.

Anywhere you go, the natural beauty of Aruba will delight you. You’ll wonder why you didn’t move to the island before.

Investment opportunities

A Caribbean home for sale in Aruba represents a great investment opportunity for you and your family. With an economy based on tourism, hospitality, and financial services, you have plenty of opportunities to do business in Aruba.

Furthermore, investing in real estate is the smartest decision you can ever make. Aruba has one of the highest living standards in the Caribbean, and properties have a high potential for appreciation. Non-residents don’t have restrictions on real estate ownership. You can be eligible for financing options to acquire property on the island. Finally, property taxes are incredibly low.

And outside the hurricane belt, which makes it a safer investment than in other Caribbean destinations.


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