Key Facts About Traveling to The Island

It’s time to fly to Aruba for an unforgettable experience!

Don’t forget to schedule your trip and book your flight to Aruba in advance. Frequency, times, rates, and availability of flights may differ according to the season. The information provided here may vary depending on each provider.

Airline Companies

Several airlines fly to Aruba from the US and Canada. You can choose between various options depending on your budget and location. Some of these options are: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Westjet, Air Canada, United Airlines, Spirit, JetBlue Airways, Avianca, Southwest, and Copa Airlines. There are different frequencies of flights with or without stopovers. Take a look at all this valuable information about flights to Aruba.

Let’s start with the main airlines. American Airlines is the company that currently offers the most daily flights to Aruba from different cities around the globe, mainly from North America.

The departure cities are Miami, Boston, New York, Richmond, Washington DC, Baltimore, Hartford, Providence, Detroit, Raleigh, Phoenix, Orlando, Greensboro, Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville, Houston, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal. If you need more information, you can visit the America Airlines site to receive real time details on flights to Aruba.

Since its return to our island after the pandemic, Air Canada continues to be the Canadian airline with the most flights to Aruba. The cost of the tickets ranges from $410 to $530, and the departure cities are Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Air Canada flights to Oranjestad can be checked on the official Air Canada website.

Delta Airlines flights to Aruba depart daily and the ticket costs range from $507 to $2,300. The departure cities are Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Ottawa, Washington, and Philadelphia. JetBlue only has four routes (from Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, and New York) to Aruba and the ticket costs range from $350 to $1,100.

A total of 27 airlines operate at the Queen Beatrix International Airport and travel to different parts of the world. These airlines are:

If you want to see all the flights scheduled by airline,
check the Queen Beatrix International Airport official website.


Depending on the season you want to visit Aruba, the frequency of flights is variable. Here is general information for each airline and departure point (only North America). In this case, we’ve listed only the four main airlines that travel to the island.


Departure City Frequency
American Airlines New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, and Calgary From 22 to 40 daily flights
Delta Airlines New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Vancouver, Ottawa, Washingto dc, n and Toronto From 3 to 11 daily flights
Air Canada Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ontario, New York, Boston, and Atlanta From 1 to 17 daily flights
JetBlue New York, Boston, Toronto, and Atlanta From 4 to 10 daily flights

You can travel to Aruba by taking a direct or stopover flight from North America. Here are some non-stop flights by city.

Departure City

Non-Stop Flights Per Day Airlines

New York


JetBlue, United Airlines, Delta Airlines

Boston 8

American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta Airlines

Philadelphia 2

Air Canada, American Airlines

Miami 9

Avianca, COPA Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines

Atlanta 2

JetBlue, American Airlines, Air Canada

Toronto 3 Air Canada

Regarding flights with stopovers from North America to Aruba, the number of stopovers varies from one to two. This is the case with American Airlines, Avianca, Air Canada, COPA Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest Airlines, Porter Airlines and United Airlines. These routes may vary throughout the year.

How Long is the Flight to Aruba?

Depending on the flight you take, the duration of the trip may vary. If you come from Canada, the trip lasts approximately 5 to 13 hours; if you come from the United States, the trip lasts approximately 3 to 7 hours. Take into account that some of the flights have overnight connections.

Documents To Enter Aruba

Aruba has some tourist entry requirements. Depending on where you come from, as well as the diplomatic and economic relations that your country of departure has with the island, you may or may not need a visa to enter or stay for a long time.

Which Countries Don’t Need a Visa to

Citizens of the US, Canada, and the EU do not need a visa to enter Aruba. If you are from any of these countries and decide to visit Aruba, these are the only entry requirements:

● Your passport cannot be older than ten years.

● Your passport must be valid for your entire stay in Aruba.

● You must have an ED card.

● You must have proof that you can return to your country of departure or transit.

● You must prove the reason for your stay in Aruba.

● You must have enough money to cover your stay and any other expenses.

● You must not be considered a threat to public order, health, national security, or international relations.

How Long Can

Tourists can stay in Aruba for up to thirty (30) days in principle. However, you can request the extension of your visa to a maximum of 180 consecutive days if you own real estate in Aruba, such as a home, condominium, apartment, timeshare, or pleasure craft (yacht) docked in Aruba. In addition, you must have valid travel insurance throughout your stay.

What Language is Spoken in Aruba?

Due to Aruba’s tourism potential, several languages are spoken on the island. While the official language is Papiamento, most locals can speak English, Spanish, and Dutch. So, language will not be an impediment to enjoying and communicating on One Happy Island if you come from the United States or Canada.

Where to Stay in Aruba?

There are endless accommodation options on the island. For every taste and need, there is a type of accommodation. Whether traveling for business or with your family, you will always find the right place. Aruba offers several options for resorts, short-term apartment rentals, or even long-term apartments for sale if you want to invest in the Caribbean. In the latter case, we recommend looking for properties in Oranjestad, Saint Nicolas, and Noord. Currently, the most desirable properties to invest in on the island are Nanki at Rodgers Beach Aruba, Blue Residences, and Harbour House Aruba.

If you are interested in Aruba Real Estate, remember to investigate everything about the island, including investment opportunities, approximate costs, financing facilities for foreigners, and much more.

How to Get Around in Aruba?

When you visit Aruba, you can get to know the island through different means of transportation. The most popular and convenient mode of transportation is taxis, which you can find anywhere on the island. However, you can also walk, rent a car, or take a bus from the central bus station in downtown Oranjestad.

To enjoy Aruba to the fullest, we recommend that you rent a vehicle at Queen Beatrix International Airport. This way, you can take as much time as possible on each tour and adventure. Car rental services have different payment methods for your convenience. In addition, you can count on recommendations for the most popular places to visit on the island.

Now that you know all the basics about Aruba, pack your bags and head over to One Happy Island. You can always expect sun, fun, and safety on each trip. Also, keep in mind that Aruba, in addition to being a paradise for your vacations, can be the ideal place for a second home or retirement. To make the most of the location, you will need to find the most suitable real estate investment options according to your needs. At BlueAruba Realty, we can help you!

Weather in Aruba

Aruba has a privileged location in the Caribbean, as it is outside the hurricane belt, making it one of the safest places to visit. The island has an average temperature of 82.4°F with refreshing trade winds and 360 days of sunshine. The highest temperatures are recorded between May and October with the lowest being recorded between December and March.

Aruba’s weather will never be a problem for your plans. You can work with the best Internet in the Caribbean, walk, or enjoy the island without worrying about the rain. Speaking of enjoying life in Aruba and vacationing, here’s an idea for a one-week vacation to the island.

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