Investment Opportunities in Aruba

Regarding investments, real estate is often seen as a safe bet, but only if you are careful about where you invest your money. Due to its thriving tourism sector, Aruba is one of the Caribbean islands with the most opportunities for property ownership. You’ll find numerous benefits to investing in Aruba, such as the island’s pristine beaches, rocky bays, and idyllic weather (just to name a few).

Aruba is a paradise with endless investment opportunities, and because of its excellent business climate and tax benefits, it’s an investment that you can make confidently. In addition, the island provides first-rate infrastructure, state-of-the-art communication services, a highly motivated workforce, and a tax-free import and export zone. What more could you possibly want while searching for a residence abroad?

Whether you see the real estate market as a family investment or business opportunity, we hope that, with today’s update, you’ll finally have all the information you need to make the right choice for your financial stability and future.

Aruban Requirements for Ownership

Since Aruba’s government doesn’t exclude foreign investors, there are no restrictions on non-locals buying real estate other than those that currently apply to Aruban nationals.

Tourist-Friendly Real Estate Options

Aruba is very popular with second-home buyers looking for a vacation house or retirement home in a lively destination that offers a burst of year-round sunshine, adventure, and stunning natural beauty. In terms of investment, Aruba boasts one of the highest living standards in the Caribbean, a highly rated healthcare system, and a thriving tourism industry that will help your asset pay for itself.

Although foreigners are more than welcome to buy property on the island, they must do so in one of two ways: purchasing a freehold property or leasing land. The best option for visitors is to buy a private residency, which will offer the same benefits as owning real estate in Aruba while providing luxury amenities and a chance to experience the Caribbean lifestyle.

Purchase Process

To begin your search for the perfect home, it’s always helpful to seek out the advice and experience of professionals who can make your life much easier, which is why it’s essential to reach out to a realty agency that can handle the bureaucracy and boring processes that you don’t have time to do on your own.

At BlueAruba Realty, we’re one of the few agencies in the Caribbean that offer you full access to exclusive, high-standard residency options for tourists in Aruba. Even when you don’t have the time to stay on the island during the purchasing process, you will receive professional advice and kind support from our experienced luxury real estate specialists.

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Taxes and Fees

Although purchasing an estate in Aruba is a relatively simple process, you must still comply with some obligations based on the Dutch legal system, which rules the island. This typically includes the following requirements:

  • Notary Fees: Notary fees of around 1.5% of the purchasing price.
  • Transfer Taxes: There is a one-time Transfer Tax of up to 6% of the purchasing price, depending on the property’s value.
  • Property Taxes: As stated, there is an annual property tax of 0.4%.

Blue Residences Aruba: With 180° of uninterrupted oceanfront view of Eagle Beach and Palm Beach from every apartment and five-star hotel amenities, this luxurious condominium is the ideal choice for the perfect family getaway.

Harbour House Aruba: This cutting-edge residential and commercial project combines Caribbean beauty with an urban lifestyle, including Aruba’s #4 Best Restaurant, Lima Bistro, open-floor concept units, and breathtaking views of the Oranjestad Marina.

Oceania Residences Aruba: Located right on the world-famous Eagle Beach, this complex is the most desirable beachfront development on the island, where you can enjoy restaurants, stores, high-end shopping malls, casinos, and a busy nightlife.

Azure Beach Residences: A resort-style estate perfect for part-time residents in the Golden Mile that features apartments and villas in different sizes that will meet your specific needs.

Nanki at Rodgers Beach. The First Condo-Hotel in Aruba and surrounded by nature. Only 40 units for the very privileged.

Top Tourist Properties in Aruba

To this day, Aruba is one of the most popular destinations in the Southern Caribbean. With this high demand, the real estate market has expanded to include everything from affordable beachfront condos to sprawling luxury residences. If you are looking for some of these exclusive properties, BlueAruba Realty is, without a doubt, the best option.

Our mission at BlueAruba Realty is to assist and guide our customers to make their dream of investing in Aruba come true, including finding a stress-free financial option to save you money and time.

The available listings include all types of top-notch estates from the island’s most popular areas, such as Rodgers Beach, Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. These are some of our top properties that are currently available:

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Why Choose Aruba?

Every year, Aruba welcomes approximately one million stayover visitors worldwide who frequently choose “One Happy Island” as their preferred vacation destination. But who wouldn’t? With some of the best beaches in the region, ideal conditions for watersports and fantastic entertainment options, such as golfing, dancing, and shopping, Aruba has become one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean.

In recent years, Aruba’s aspiring tourism industry has allowed other businesses on the island to grow and thrive. As a result, the Caribbean real estate market has flourished into one of the safest investment opportunities, particularly for luxurious properties, which have a bigger potential for capital appreciation over the medium term.

Aside from all the aforementioned advantages of buying real estate in Aruba, the process of doing so is similar to that in any other country. Still, it’s a major decision that does not usually follow the standard steps you would take to make any other choice. That’s why having someone to assist you along the way is invaluable, particularly a trusted agency like BlueAruba Realty.

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