Life in Aruba:
Luxury experiences

January 31, 2023

What is it like to live in Aruba?
Luxurious experiences everywhere

Life in Aruba is better than you could ever imagine! There are many things to do on the island, places to go, and exciting experiences to have, especially for those who want the best of the best. Here, we’ll share some luxury activities available on the island, along with delicious restaurants, and tell you all about the exciting nightlife that awaits you on the One Happy Island.

Top experiences in Aruba

Do you want the best of the best? In Aruba, there are many activities for the whole family to enjoy. Add some of these to your vacation plans when you visit the island this year. Don’t forget to book your accommodations in advance. Here are some short-term rentals in Aruba that might interest you. Now, let’s get to the point.

Take a private cruise to tour the island

You have many cruise options to choose from in Aruba, such as morning tours that include breakfast, snacks, snorkeling or diving or night cruise tours where you’ll be pampered with dinner and drinks and marvel at the outstanding sunsets found in Aruba.

You can book cruise tours by visiting the beach of your choice where these services are offered. If you’d like to book the tour before your arrival, you can also check out online booking sites like TripAdvisor.

Enjoy Atlantis Submarine Expedition

The clear waters of the Caribbean are worth admiring even from the depths of the sea. Get up close and personal with the deeper secrets of the island with the Atlantis Submarine expedition. The whole family will be able to experience Aruba’s underwater world at over 130 feet (40 meters) deep in a certified submarine.

The Atlantis Submarine Expedition takes you to the Barcadera Reef, local shipwrecks, and Aruba’s marine life as you listen to the crew’s informative commentary along the way. Starting in downtown Oranjestad, the expedition lasts approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

The best events in Aruba

Aruba’s most amazing experiences are found at its annual events. If you visit or move here, you definitely won’t want to miss these activities and make them part of your usual Aruba life.

Monthly and weekly events to enjoy in Aruba

Aruba has fun things to do all year long, and there are some events every month that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Check them out here:

Island fest

This fun fest takes place during the last Wednesday of each month from 7-10 pm, in the heart of San Nicolas City. Enjoy a night of heritage (history of San Nicolas), as well as delicious authentic foods & beverages.

Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show

This is a weekly event that takes place every Thursday evening. It is set at a traditional Aruban restaurant and attendees wear casual evening attire. The show is about 2 hours long and besides food (native Aruban cuisine), there is live music full of wonderful romantic lyrics made famous by singers like Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Harry Connick, Jr., and others sung by Aruban vocalist Fred de Jong.

Nightlife events and food options

Many restaurants, bars, and resorts in Aruba offer shows every week complete with live music, a live DJ, karaoke, themed parties, bingo, Happy Hours, promos, and much more. A number of restaurants also offer delicious menus that you definitely won’t want to miss! For example, the Lima Bistro restaurant has an open kitchen, Infini Aruba has one of the best gourmet cuisines on the island, and Poké Ono offers an amazing Asian menu. All of these restaurants are proudly part of the BlueAruba Realty complexes. But no matter where you choose to go, we can assure you that you will have an incredible time, perfect for those who like to improvise last-minute plans.

Annual events to enjoy in Aruba

Aruba has several cool annual events to offer. You can have a great time enjoying sports, as well as musical and cultural events throughout the year and here are some of them: 

  • Bon Bini Festival
  • Soul Beach Music Festival
  • Aruba Hi-winds Windsurf championship
  • Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show

There are many places to see and things to do to enjoy life in Aruba. Surely you will not be able to enjoy everything on the same trip, but the good news is that you will always be able to come back whenever you wish! We recommend booking your flight and all accommodations for your visit in advance or even better, investing in property now, especially before the real estate market rises even more!

High season in Aruba: Your investment’s greatest ally

Aruba is a true paradise all year long! If you’re thinking of investing in Aruba either in a vacation property or as a permanent residence, the island is really your best option. Your property in Aruba is sure to deliver benefits for you all year long, from January to December. The reason for that is Aruba is 100% profitable for homeowners. These days, Aruba is really the best place to invest in the Caribbean, especially for people from the U.S. and Canada. The prices in Aruba are quite competitive and although the market does continue to rise, it is still an excellent option for investment and to buy property.

The infrastructure, public services, and Internet connection in Aruba are among the best in the Caribbean. And, most of the housing complexes are in very good locations, especially those in Oranjestad, like Blue Residences, Harbour House Aruba, Azure Beach Residences, and Oceania Residences. If you decide to invest in the area, your apartment will be constantly revalued, guaranteed.

In addition, if you choose not to reside in Aruba, you can take advantage of the high season and make money off of your investment. Your property can be leased out or you can join a rental program in which a company takes care of the property’s administration, maintenance, and tenancy. All BlueAruba Realty complexes have rental programs to make your life as easy as possible. Aruba’s high season is from January to May, so take advantage of that and invest today! Take a look at our available penthouses in Eagle Beach. And, don’t miss the opportunity to invest in Aruba because prices are sure to go up soon! Now is the perfect time.

Can you imagine living at the top of the island? This is one of the best luxury experiences! You can purchase one of these properties and join us in the rental program to make it more productive. Of course, only if you’re interested in a great investment…

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